Fossil Lake and the incredible Beartooth Plateau

Nearly every year, two of my college friends and I go on an epic backpacking adventure somewhere in the West, always a different destination. I made a list of them this year and thought I’d share:

  • 2009: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • 2010: Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, Colorado
  • 2012: Yosemite National Park…

On Monday, The Guardian published an opinion piece titled:

That’s big news. The problem is … President Biden did not say that it’s time to pack the court.

You’d be forgiven for interpreting it that way, since colons after names are regularly used for attribution of a quotation.

President Biden…


Photo: jayk7 / Getty Images

The English language is a melting pot, a mishmash, a beautiful yet frustrating gyre of inconsistency. For those who have learned it as a second (or more) language, I salute you.

Unlike the French, we Anglophones don’t have a singular authority for what’s OK (okay?) in English and what’s not…

Note: My only source for all of this is the Disney Fandom wiki, and no I do not care to do any additional research that may disprove any hypotheses below, thanks.

After watching a mediocre Ducktales theme-song parody video, I awoke today with the Ducktales theme song firmly implanted in…

Mine, all mine

Beer is a heavily white, male space. You probably knew that even if you aren’t into beer. The bearded hipster-dude stereotype is ubiquitous. Budweiser made fun of it at the Super Bowl.

That stereotype’s ubiquitous because it’s fairly accurate. While I’ve never worked at a brewery or in a beer-adjacent…

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling just a bit stir-crazy these days.

So, being a runner, a couple months ago I decided to start training for a “race.”

“There are races?” you might ask. Well, no. It’s a race against myself — running 13.1 miles as fast as…

“Bigotry is not just the psychological state of hating a group of people. Bigotry is political. It’s a reaction to changing demographics, or to liberation movements, or to changing power relations between groups. A lot of casual misogynists don’t exactly hate women in the literal psychological sense. It’s more that they feel threatened by the prospect of the social and political equality of women. In fact, I would argue that feeling threatened is the distinctive psychological experience of bigotry — much more so than feeling hateful.” — ContraPoints

Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

An assortment of small bottles of beer around a large one, all in front of a Christmas tree.
The gift of beer. Photo: Russian River Brewing Company

I love craft beer. I love learning about styles, visiting new breweries, and following the local beer news. Really, I’ll try any new beer I can get my hands on, (nearly) regardless of style.

I particularly enjoy hazy (Northeast-style) IPAs, which have dominated craft beer for the past few years…

Here at Medium, we’re creating a new model for digital publishing — one that’s based on story value, not ad value, and that’s predicated on the relationship between writer and reader. In ad-based publishing, the goal is to get readers to click and stay regardless of quality. That has led…

Prompted by Siobhan O'Connor’s lovely A Game to Get You Un-Stuck on Crappy Feelings.

1. My new puppy, Toby. He’s a six-month-old pitt mix and he’s pure joy, with hilarious floppy ears and an incredibly sweet personality. …

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